IF DREAMS COME TRUE (2007), Memphis International Records

"Savoy's unassuming but sympathetic approach to the material ignores vocal theatrics in favor of relaxed renditions that radiate sensuality instead of spotlighting it, resulting in a slow-burning torch sound.."


"(Savoy) lends her richly fragrant, sultry voice to an eclectic assortment of standards.. Backed by her wittily named Sleepless Knights, Savoy serves up the album length equivalent of a block party so vibrant and brilliant you want it to carry on 'til dawn."

Jazz Times

"Ann Savoy is steadily shoring up her bona fides as one of the finer, most confident vocalists in the roots music oeuvre. On this elegant outing, she sings swing with lighthearted authority, her command of jazz timing and old-school pop sensibility coming through loud and clear...Savoy makes all that old jazz sound new and fresh, a joyful expression of her own inner muse, and not just another retro-torch run-through."

Joe Sixpack's Hillbilly Record Riot


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Memphis International Records

The heart Savoy brings to a landmark song like "My Funny Valentine" hits right where the lifeblood of true love pumps to prove this a set that transcends time and its reference places to achieve cherished stature for anyone who enjoys old school made anew.

--Lava: Cool Aural Chick Flicks for Your Listening Pleasure, by Rob Patterson

Given Savoy's amply documented gifts, it is no surprise that Black Coffee is as intelligently conceived and pleasurably executed as it is...Savoy manages, too, varying temperature levels, from the almost hypnotically cool purr of "Valentine" to the red-hot strut of "New Orleans Blues." Mostly, though, the ambiance is atmospheric and saloonish. If the music is easily accessible--and it certainly is--it is not so easily done. But the doing is exquisite, and these six musicians, masters all, couldn't manage false notes, melodic or emotional, if they tried.

--Downbeat, by Frank-John Hadley

The band proves its mettle early on by tackling Django's monumental "Nuages," so daunting an instrumental tour de force in Django's hands that even Frank Vignola, an acknowledged master of gypsy jazz guitar, approached the tune with some trepidation on his 100 Years album. Here, though, Savoy delicately coos the rarely sung but beautifully impressionistic lyrics (in French), which puts a different kind of pressure on the players, to find an instrumental voice to complement Savoy's singing without stealing the show from her. So they do, settling into a sensuous, sultry groove that heightens the romantic ambience her seductive vocal creats, then enhances it when first Mitchell and then Wimmer step forward with quietly sizzling solo turns ahead of some frisky dialogue with drummer Fields--a performance touching in effect, exhilarating in execution.

--More Whoopee Juice, Ann?, by David McGee

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